About Khu

Khu was born in Barcelona, Spain, and from a very young age he felt attracted to music. During the 80s and the beginning of the 90s he is mainly influenced by black music. From the mid-90s onwards, he gets in touch with Barcelona nightlife. At that time, the appearance of an electronic music scene makes him discover a wide range of styles and movements around the different clubs of the city styles such as: Detroit electro/techno, break beat, trip-hop, jungle, drum & bass, etc. But he is specially fascinated by House music in all of its styles. Soon, his friends become aware of this passion and raise the money to buy him a mixer and a couple of turntables as a surprise present. At that time, his fascination for mixing and production began and has continued ever since. He has taken part in many shows at festivals, private parties and clubs where he offers sessions and live sets of House in all of its styles: Soulful, Deep, Disco, Mid Tempo, Afro House, Garage, French, Funky, Jackin,etc.

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